Classical Massage I recommend to those who want to get rid of the stress of the day



I recommend Aromatherapy Massage to those who want to feel enjoyable



I would recommend Tantra Massage to those who want to know their body.



I would recommend VIP Massage to those who want to feel special.

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Massage Specialist

As a Massage Specialist Masseur, I have massage sessions in my place

I give massage service to women and couples.

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When we say what is massage, it is actually an alternative form of treatment that relieves pain briefly. Massage is a beauty potion



Massage is the first alternative solution that comes to mind for anyone who needs to relax and relieve stress.



Massage benefits do not end with counting. Massage relaxes the body, beautifies the skin.



All you wonder about the massage session. How is massage applied? What is the massage technique?

As a Massage Specialist Masseur, I must say that I would also like to guide and advise clients in massage sessions with a special service structured in accordance with scientific content for a civilized, contemporary, healthy quality and happy life with an excitement, energetic and therapeutic approach.


With massage therapy, you can contact me comfortably in order to throw your reservations aside and enjoy life and not delay your happiness and excitement.


Massage Specialist

You will find the latest information about me on this page.


In all massage sessions I have presented as "Masseur", I keep the values and complement them with respect for love by protecting your privacy and privacy within the framework of flexibility and reliability, in accordance with service ethics.

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I wish you a good day


Massage Specialist Masseur Özgün. I offer massage therapy at my place and only to women and couples.

What is the massage briefly under the heading of massage sessions before the massage sessions I have presented? What are the types of massage? Massage prices

''Massage types and massage prices''

What is Massage? massage SPA

What is a massage? The history of massage is based on ancient times, although it is not known exactly when it first appeared, in many ages, while remediing people's physical diseases, many people also relieve their body by getting tired.

What is Massage? How to make massage

What are the effects of massage? Relaxation with massage

Endorphine, which is the natural calming that the body produces and secretes at the time of massage, is also possible to see the massage as an antidepressant and psychological therapy without any side effects, as it provides extraordinary relaxation to the person who makes the massage. In fact, massage and therapy is one of the most effective studies that treat and relax the person with the methods applied to the body.

Massage and Therapy, I want to have a massage



When we say what are the benefits of massage, it decreases anxiety and depression, regulates sleep, relieves pain, strengthens the immune system, increases mental awareness and self-confidence. When you have a massage, it creates a psychotherapy effect and allows you to relax. Massage is an alternative treatment method

What are the benefits of massage, massage benefits, massage?

The effect of massage on the body, I want massage

Massage After a nice relaxing massage, where you indulge and reward yourself, all these benefits will remain with you. To see the benefits of massage, regular massages and rewarding ourselves with this enriching experience should be a getaway you can do without guilt.




When you look at the types of massage, there are many types of massage, although no massage can be superior to another, it is determined only as the preference and need of the person.

What are the types of massage? What are the Types of Massage?

Which massage type do you recommend?

Massage sessions such as classical massage, aromatherapy massage, tantra massage, lomi lomi massage, slimming massage and regional massage are among the most common types of massage.

For more detailed information and prices about "Massage types" you can look at Massage Types section.

About massage types, about massage types

What are the types of massage? Information about massage



For massage prices, you can examine the massage sessions below.

Classic massage price, classic massage prices

Aromatherapy massage price, Aroma massage prices

Tantra massage price, tantra massage prices

Massage Specialist Masseur